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【 タイトル Title 】  

The Power of Travel and Tourism

― 持続可能な観光開発とは ―

【 日時 When 】    

1028日(水)   14401610 

Wednesday, October 28th , 2015

【 場所  Where 

奈良女子大学  E218-1教室(E2階)  

Nara Women’s University (NWU)  Room E218-1

【 講師  Our Guest Speaker 】   

ハーモニー・ラムさん Ms. Harmony Lamm 

国連世界観光機関(UNWTO)アジア太平洋センター  事業・広報課長

Deputy Manager,  World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific


Message  from  Ms.  Harmony  Lamm 






Travel can spark the romantic parts of our imaginations. People travel to experience different cultures, taste various cuisines, enjoy natural surroundings, and learn about the world around them. But travel and tourism can also serve a bigger purpose and greatly impact local communities. The industry employs 1 in 11 people and 50% of those employed are women. And today more people than ever are traveling the world. In 2014, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that there were 1.1 billion international tourists and predicts that by 2030 there will be 1.8 billion tourists crossing international borders.

On October 28th, Harmony Lamm, Deputy Manager of the UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific, will give a presentation on travel trends, UNWTO activities, and discuss the development of sustainable tourism, and why that is important for all people and places.





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